The book on the project

How it all began

Playa y Plata was a start up project that was born in 2012 when Dagmar and Gerd Müller met Carla at a craft fair in San José, Costa Rica. Dagmar saw that ring with a white shell and Turquoise that caught her attention. From there they made orders for family and friends with shells that Dagmar and Gerd had collected on their trip to the beaches of Costa Rica. When they received the orders, they liked these beautiful jewelries so much and received it with such enthusiasm that they proposed to sell Carla’s unique jewelries to Germany. Between silver, shells, natural materials and gems, Playa y Plata” emerged and won many clients in Tübingen.

To mark the launch of playa y plata by Carla Arrú Joyería, we have published a small book in which we look back in the early 6 years with Carla, give an insight into her way of working and look to the future together!

Simply click on the image (PDF).

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