Welcome to Playa y Plata by Carla & Samba Arrú Jewellery

Carla and Samba are mother and daughter, they are jewelry artists. They live and work most of the year from Costa Rica, from the southern Caribbean, the other part in Barcelona.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade, in Silver 9.50. The techniques of melting, welding, drilling, polishing, setting stones, filigree…
Each piece is unique since they do not work with molds or in series.
They work with natural materials such as Shells, Pearls, semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, Jade, Carnelian, Quartz, Opals, among others… Most of the pieces are inspired by the Caribbean, where from the workshop they are surrounded from nature. Vegetation, between huge trees, Howler Congos, Butterflies, Guatusas, Toucans, Sloths…
They use materials collected on long walks along the beaches, each one is meticulously chosen to make each of their designs. They also imitate textures of the bottom of the sea made in silver. It is a very organic way of working with irregular shapes and very bright colors.

Playa y Plata is a project that was born in 2017, when Dagmar and Gerd Muller met Carla at a craft fair in San José – Costa Rica. Dagmar saw that ring with white shell and Turquoise that caught her attention. From there they made orders with shells that Dagmar and Gerd had obtained on their trip to the beaches of Costa Rica. When they received the order, they liked it so much and received it with such enthusiasm that they proposed to sell the jewelry to Germany.

Between silver, shells, natural materials and gems, “Playa y Plata” emerged.

Since then they have gone every year to Tübingen. They have made showrooms and have participated in the Umbrian-Provencal Market.

“It is always a pleasure to return to this beautiful city and see the clients that we keep there.”

Shops in Tübingen

Beim Nonnenhaus 13
72070 Tübingen


Starting November 1, 2022: Natürlich Handgemacht Froschgasse 15
72070 Tübingen