Welcome to Playa y Plata by Carla Arrú Joyería

Photo of a ring made by Carla Arru

Carla is an artist and designer, living in Costa Rica and Barcelona. Her jewelry reflects the natural beauty of the Caribbean as well as the modernism of Gaudi. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in Silver 950. Carla studied the old techniques since she was 18 years old from the ancient masters of silversmithing in Latin America.

Each piece of her jewelry is unique since she does not work with molds nor in series.

Carla works with natural materials like shells, wood, pearls, and semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, Lapislazuli, Tourmaline, Jade, Carnelian, Quartz and many others. She also imitates textures of the bottom of the sea hand-forged in silver which enclose stones and opals in an organic way.

No doubt, the natural surrounding of her working place with huge trees, flowers, Howler Monkeys, Butterflies, Toucans and Sloths inspires the artist in her creativity and design.

Photo of a ring made by Carla Arru

Playa y Plata was born in 2012, when Dagmar and Gerd Muller met Carla at a craft fair in San José – Costa Rica. Dagmar saw a ring with a white shell and Turquoise that caught her attention. They asked Carla to craft some pieces with shells that Dagmar and Gerd had obtained from walks on the beaches of Costa Rica. When they received the order, they liked it so much, they proposed to sell the jewelry in Germany. Thats how Carla’s connection to Tübingen was born.

Since 2018 Carla has visited Tübingen every year. Meanwhile she has made various showrooms in different shops and met her clients during the Umbrian-Provencal Market.

It is always a great pleasure for me to come to Tübingen and feel the ambience and spirit of this beautiful city. Above all, to meet my customers in person and design new pieces of jewelry for them.”

In October 2023, Carla Arrú began a new partnership with two designers who opened and now run BOTHO in Tübingen.

Our partner shop in Tübingen

Beim Nonnenhaus 7 
72070 Tübingen
+49 (0) 7071 5668721

Unique Hand-Crafted Jewelry by Carla Arrú Available at BOTHO in Tübingen

BOTHO (Sesotho: I am, because we are): a unique boutique experience in Tübingen, Germany. Featuring sustainable & artisanal clothing, jewelry, art and decor. Our Products are sourced from artists and makers from our region, as well as from South Africa and India, Costa Rica and Spain. BOTHO is not just a boutique, but a hub where artisans and makers can visit and interact directly with our community to showcase their skill, their work, and their philoshophy in trunk shows, presentations and demonstrations. Curated by in-house designers Sarah Dunn (RANI & REINE) and Seatile Neyrinck (PELO YAKA). 

Foto der Glasvitrine der Boutique Botho
Foto des Verlaufsraums der Boutique Botho